Pasta Recipes??

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  1. Hello fellow chicken lovers! I was wondering what pasta recipes you use.I have always been doing the normal tomato with meatballs and would love to try something new. Especially vegetarian recipes are appreciated!:) I am making pasta tomorrow and will make one of your recipes if you let me!
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    Mostly we put olive oil and salt on the pasta, and sometimes parmesan cheese.

    I love oregano sprinkled lightly over it also. We keep it simple and it tastes great. [​IMG]

    OK not very complicated, but there is our home's recipe!

    It really makes it awesome if you get the fancy parmesan cheese that is thickly grated.
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  3. Awesome! Thanks..... Anymore BYC’ers have recipes?
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    We still have fresh tomatoes so I put olive oil in a pan, then some minced garlic, add fresh tomatoes and a few red pepper flakes, add fresh basil at the end if you have it. Top with parmesan if you like. Delish!
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    I like to saute' sliced zucchini & yellow squash w/garlic & onion in a little olive oil & butter, & toss it with hot cooked thin spaghetti w/coarse ground black pepper & shaved peccorino romano cheese.
  6. Wow those recipes sound delish.Tonight I will be making Spaghetti Cabonara. I will post the recipes if any of you guys want it....

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