Pastel Call Ducklings for sale! (No shipping, local pickup only)

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    May 31, 2011
    Pastel Call Ducklings for sale! The parents are SQ. They would make a great 4-H project.

    The Call is a miniature breed of duck. They are about ¼ the size of regular duck breeds. They normally weigh under 2 pounds, laying only 25-75 eggs per year. Call ducks are a little more vulnerable to predators. They need a nighttime enclosure that is safe on all sides from predators. In addition, they can fly short distances unless you clip their wings.

    I have about 10 pastel ducklings for sale (and 1 blue fawn), and most between 4 and 8 days old as of 6/5/11. They are still very small and will require brooding for several weeks.

    I cannot at this time determine gender. So I cannot accept requests for pairs.

    You pick up in Olympia, WA. No shipping. They are too fragile.

    I'm asking $10 each. If you can brood them, they are ready to pick up. I am happy to answer questions or send pictures of the parents.

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