Pastel vs. Blue Fawn Call Ducks

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    May 2, 2011
    What is the difference between a pastel drake and a blue fawn drake? I have a few ducklings, 4 are pastels, one is 5 weeks old and I can already tell that it is a male, but it doesn't look like any of the blue fawn ducklings the same age. I think the pastel and blue fawn adult drakes look the same, so what is the difference and when will I notice?
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    I don't have hands on experience, but if you don't have CALL DUCK VARIETIES by NCBA, I can type you out some of the description...when I'm at my regular PC tomorrow. The first difference I read is that pastel drakes should have a powder blue head, while the blue fawn should be charcoal blue.

    Of course call ducks can come out off colored. I have a blue butterscotch hen that looked more the part when she was young, and then molted into what looks more like a bad butterscotch. My drake from that pair should have a dark silver grey head, and his is the darkest grey you could possibly have before black, with a hint of green tint.
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    Blue Fawn Call Drake.

    Pastel Call Drake.

    The color variations do differ with each duck but this is what you want a Blue Fawn or Pastel drake to look like color wise.
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