Pasture and grass husbandry for geese info. anyone?

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    Meaning; I have been trying to get info. on how best to manage pasture for my animals, everything seems to be for cattle or horses(which I have) or sheep. Or it is for "up North" and the grass/weed management is not for the southern states. For instance they are always suggesting sprays and chemicals.. for eveything.
    I am trying to have a" nontoxic to ducks and geese" maintenance system. More of a natural or organic or wholistic system. Everytime I pick up a chemical or spray or pesticide, I read the warnings... and remember reading how toxic they seem to be for ducks and or geese even if it isn't stated. (Holderreads mentions in his book ,he has found that ducks seem sensitive to chemicals even if it doesn't say so on the label.)
    Right now I only use mound treatment for Fireants, because everything else is toxic to amphibians, fish etc. I have frogs and toads and anoles and salamanders and lizards, butterflys, fly predators around .... I live in North Georgia, so much info on geese and ducks seems to be for Minn.or Oregon. [​IMG] I also want to grow some of their food, but the feedstuffs I find mentioned don't grow what the heck is a mangel???? and some of the grasses that grow well here are not mentioned,,,and the local ag. dept have no info. on ducks or geese other than anybody got links or info or experience???Or do I just figure it out and start my own research book?[​IMG]
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