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    I'm new to this forum and new to raising chickens. I have a baby chick with pasty bum and have tried cleaning it w/ warm water. Also, have tried to put some Vaseline as well. Not really sure what else to do at this point. It is making so much noise as I am typing. It just closes its eyes and not doing anything except screaming. Won't eat or anything. I lost one on my last batch as well. I got 6 so far and lost one. This is the 2nd one w/ pasty bum. Hoping to rescue it but it is not looking good. Very sad watching it. Please help! it is about 2 weeks old.
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    Ok, go to tractor supply or your local feed store and get the small bottle of Poultry Nutri-drench By Bovidr Labs. It is an excellent emergency nutritional supplement which does not need to be digested. Your baby needs energy. It mainlines directly into the bloodstream, measurable in 30 minutes with 99% utilization. all natural, created by a USA cattle breeder under 2 US patents. I have used it on my collies ( Beef Nutri-drench or Pet Nutri Drops) and poultry for over a decade. Nothing gets there faster for energy. Give 2 drops only by mouth per chick. repeats as needed every 8-10 hours until perky. put 2ml to 4 ml per gallon in their water for the 1st month of life to get them off to a strong start.
    Pasty bum can also be caused by 2 hot a brooder. make sure you have the heat at one end of the brooder and a cooler place at the other end where the chicks can escape the heat of they get too hot. Put the feed ad water at the cooler end so they don't have to stand under the heat source while eating and drinking. Also, go to Wal-Mart and get a hygrometer. They don't cost much. This little gadget measures both the temperature and the humidity. You want to make sure the brooders' humidity isn't too low. otherwise that can dry out the chicks, esp. if the heat is too high. Your chicks should start out at 95 degrees when hatched and lower the brooder temp by 5 degrees every week. You can do that by putting in a weaker bulb or raising the light.
    I use an 60 to 85 watt incandescent blub in my 102 qt. tub brooders. that's plenty. if you're using a 250 red heat bulb, that may be your problem. These 25 reds work differently from the incandescents. the 250 reds are a heat bulb they function is to heat up objects in their realm of influence. The incandescents' heat is simply a function of their being on and objects in the area of their light can be warmed by that heat. But the heat from incandescents is not specifically made to heat objects per se. Its just an after effect of the incandescents being on. So if you are using 250 reds, you may be unintentionally dehydrating your chicks which could be causing the pasty butt.
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    Thanks for your feedback and advice. Unfortunately, the chick couldn't make it through the night. Woke up this morning and it's already too late. I'll definitely do as you suggest in case the other two chicks run into similar problem. My local feed store recommended some oyster shell but that's kinda tough to feed the sick chick. It wouldn't drink or eat. I didn't use a 250 light bulb. Mine is 60 and I do place it on one far end of the corner. Thanks Karen.
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    Oyster shell is a calcium supplement for laying hens. It should not be given to young chicks.
    You need a thermometer in the brooder, under the heat source so you know if you have it warm enough.
    Pasty butt is usually caused by some sort of stress. Some common things that can stress chicks are transporting stress, getting too cool, getting too warm, having the brooder in too noisy of a place, or having too many chicks in a brooder.
    It is essential that young chicks have their vents checked through out the day. Any pasting needs to be cleared ASAP. Otherwise, the blockage will kill. To clear the vent, use warm water and q-tips or paper towels. Be very gentle, do not pull at all. Just gently wipe until the vent is free. Dry the chick thoroughly and put it back under the heat lamp.

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