Pasty but???!!!


7 Years
Mar 31, 2012
North Western Wisconsin
i know i will sound really stupid but i just got my 1st chicks and checked them for pasty and came up negative, but today i checked and noticed that some of them have crusty poop below the first hole... is there a second hole?! i also have a chick that has a weird thing coming out of his/hers i am really confused and need advice please help!
When we had the chickies and they got pasty, we would dip their hind ends in warm water and clean their feathers until they were clean. Yes, its icky but it had to be done. Then just make sure they are warm enough as they dry off. We had to do the same to a young hen who was pasted last week. She's good now. WHen they are babies, its common for them to get pasted, and it will appear under the hole.

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