Pasty butt and red vent blue orpington chick

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    Sep 17, 2012
    Hi Sorry, already posted this but been advised to pop it in this forum, sorry if you've already read it!

    We have orpington blue is suffering from a bout of "pasty Butt" We've been cleaning it with warm water and cotton buds but noticed a very red, raw almost bloody lump on the vent, it's doesn't appear to be actual blood and it's not coming from inside the vent, is this just irritated from the cleaning, we're trying to be very gentle, or it is something more serious? the little chick had been very lethargic whereas the other 3 chicks are very active, cleaning eating etc, should we separate it and do we need to think about any supplements? I read something about adding sugar to the water to give it energy? I've been keeping an eye on them and not noticed any of them pecking at the red lump?



    Thanks you


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