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    Mar 20, 2016
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    I am a first time chicken mom, my babies are 5 days old. One of my chicks has pasty butt, I cleaned it earlier and it stuck again so I cleaned again (warm shallow bath) and applied olive oil. When I put her back in the brooder she was chirping loud and was walking around on her "tip toes" I took her out and have been holding her for about an hour, she's sleeping an calm now. I'm concerned though because her bottom is so red and it's very noticeable because of the olive oil. I'm afraid the others may want to peck. Did I do something wrong? Can I do something else to help her?
  2. No, I think you went about it very well! [​IMG] Some things you could do to prevent picking would be to give them a red heat bulb so that everything that's red is less noticeable, and also you could try dabbing a little Blu-Kote on her vent area with a cotton swab. Enjoy your babies!


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