Pasty butt goes prolapse in 2 wk old Silkie

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    Mar 31, 2015
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    I received our baby chicks two weeks ago. My little black Silkie is really struggling. First it was pasty butt. I would clean with warm water and a paper towel being really careful because her umbilical cord was still attached. Then I had to go to a gentle soak in warm water twice a day, warm blow dry on low and applied antibiotic ointment. Now, it appears the vent is the size of a large pea and she cries when she has to poop. It's so sad. I soaked again tonight and the swelling went down, but I'm concerned! She is my only Silkie and is sooo small compared to the other chicks. She is eating and drinking well and I added electrolytes to the water to help, but it hasn't made a difference after three days. Any help or thoughts would be great!
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    You may want to add a probiotic to her water. Some brands of vitamins and some feeds now contain probiotics (check your label or check online) but Probios Powder is found at most feed stores. I use Rooster Booster Vitamins With Lactobacillus that contains vitamins, electrolytes, and probiotics, when I need those. You also could add water to her feed which may get her to take in more fluids. A couple of drops of molasses will act as a laxative. Chicks with prolapsed vents don't always make it, but you can try putting honey or Preparation H ointment on her vent to reduce swelling. I was looking at a bunch of silkies at the feedstore the other day, and was very surprised to see several prolapsed vents, and many had pasty butt. I don't know if silkies tend to have the problem more often because of genetics. I hope your chick makes it okay.

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