Pasty Butt, new chicken mom here!

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    I am a first time chicken mom. I have 3 babies, 5 days old. One is dealing with pasty butt, I cleaned her once earlier today and then had to clean her again tonight. I applied some olive oil. Now her but is red and exposed due to the oil, when I put her back in the brooder she was chirping constantly and walking around funny. I took her out and have been holding her for about an hour. She's sleeping and calm. I am worried about putting her back with the other 2 that they may peck at her? Any suggestions?
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    Can you make sure that she is drinking well by dipping her beak into water as often as you can? Dehydration and too high of brooder temps can add to pasty butt. It is usually not a problem after the first week or so, and is usually from shipping stress. A red brooder lamp can help with pecking. When I clean for pasty butt, I just gently use my fingers with some warm soapy water and dry with a tissue. A dot of blue or green food coloring can color the vent to help prevent pecking.
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    Make sure the feed you bought is "Chick Starter". A know-it-all at TSC sold me crumbles for layer hens instead of chick starter. It gave about half my chicks pasty butt before I found the mistake. I saved all but one by cleaning them up. I had to VERY CAREFULLY trim the down that had clumps too big too soften with water. I sweated bullets while doing this because the little bird's tissue is so thin. I truly hope I never have to do it again. It was the only way I could free up the opening in two or three cases though.
    Anyway, check the feed.
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    Very true pasty butt is caused from dehydration and feed issues. Shes probably just kinda sore from the cleaning.
    food coloring idea A+++
    By any chance is she a polish? They are always worse about pasty butt! Love em but it's true
    Just keep her clean warm and hydrated oh and unpecked! she will be fine
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