Pasty butt on 3/10 chicks

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chickiemom3, Aug 4, 2016.

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    Hello everyone! We are brand new chicken owners. Our chicks are three days old. We have a mixed "brown egg layer" pack, so actually have no idea what type of chickens they are. There are two buff colored chicks, three black chicks, two black with yellow coloring and three yellow chicks. The three yellow chicks have to have poo cleaned from their vents multiple times a day, but the other chicks have had no problems. Does anyone have suggestions for how to clear this up in a way that will be ok for the other chicks as well (for example, if we use apple cider vinegar, is it ok for the other chicks to also have it that don't "need" it). Our whole family is head over heels for these little girls and we are quite anxious about any problems.
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    Offer them some soil from your yard (assuming that you haven't used any insecticide/herbicides on your yard. I give my chicks a plug of sod within the first week. It gives them: grit, minerals, healthy bacteria and fungi to populate their guts, first greens, first dust bath, first insects/seeds, and infinite play possibilities. It also gives them exposure to local pathogens (GASP!) to help develop their immunity. The best time to do this is within the first 2 weeks of hatch while they still have some immunity left from their mother. You can also dab a little bit of olive oil, vaseline, or cooking oil on their vents to help the poo to stop sticking.
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    Yes you can give them ALL AVC in their water.
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    To help with the pasty butt you should also give some probiotics. Tractor Supply sells a small packet for chicks that you mix with water...or you can give them plain greek yogurt.

    I agree with giving them soil...but I would caution that you should have a package of Corid available (also from TSC) JUST IN CASE...and I always start mine out on medicated chick starter (and opinions will vary on this so YMMV) when I give them soil to help build their immunity.

    I had one chick with one day of pasty butt, and after the probiotic powder it went away.
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    Too hot of a brooder will do this also. In fact, we have no heat lamp and still have this problem in the summer.

    Clean butts and trim fluff as necessary. All the ACV and ProBs in the world won't stop pasty butt if it dries as fast as it falls. Others are just predisposed to it.

    I GENTLY pull fluff and dried poop in one shot, being very GENTLE! If that doesn't work, a sharp pair of scissors and trimming fluff + poop (taking care not to trim their vent or skin) will work with a good dab of triple antibiotic. This is a permanent fix and only causes initial complaining by both parties. The chickens look goofy for a couple of months, but are guaranteed no more PB.

    Good luck!
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    excellent point on too much heat.

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