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Mar 10, 2018
Hi all,

We have a six-day old mille fleur d'uccle, the cutest chick I have ever seen. However, she has had 2 serious pasty butt experiences (we brought her home yesterday). Any advice, remedies, help would be much appreciated!


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Keep cleaning her bottom every time she gets any poop on it. Applying a bit of olive oil after cleaning can help keep future poops from sticking.

Some boiled and chopped egg and a bit of plain yogurt can help too.

I know aart is on. I will call her in to see if she has more tips.

@aart any tips on clearing up pasty butt?


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Yes, keep it clean.
Warm water soak if poop is dried, oil after can help reduce sticking.

Is vent completely covered and pasted shut,
or just poop on down fuzz around vent?

Only the one chick?
What's your heat setup, type and temps, pics would help.
What and how exactly are you feeding?


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Apr 3, 2011
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Many feed store chicks have pasty butt, and a few of my home shipped chicks get it. I check them every day for 10 days, since it tends to happen again until they are eating and drinking well.
Pasty butt increases if the heat in the brooder is too high and they do not have a cooler spot to get to, and if they become dehydrated during shipping or in an overcrowded too large brooder (as in feedstores, sometimes.)
Wash just the vent with warm soapy water and rub it off with fingers, then dry. I don’t use oil but a dot of olive oil on the vent won’t hurt. Dip the chick’s beak in water a few rimes to make sure it knows where water is.


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Mar 10, 2018
Hi all!

Thank you for the responses. Yesterday, her vent was totally closed. I took q tips with warm water and finally got it all clean. I did not use any oil. Today, less bad but not normal. I added Vaseline after her cleaning. I’ll keep checking her and lower the temp. She’s super fuzzu- does this have anything to do with it?
My 4-day-old chicks had 2 develop "pasty butt". Used warm water (only illustration I can relay is about as warm as fresh urine) and a light touch of a Q-tip and both cleaned up perfectly after a 30-40 second soaking. The second chick actually fell asleep during the soak. The one most lethargic perked up dramatically, took a most healthy poop, and began feasting on the chick food and drinking like a sailor. Have not had another occurrence.

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