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Hi there~ I have a total of 16 chicks. A couple of them have a little pasty going on, but I dont know if I should go ahead and clean them off, or wait and see if they clear up on their own. One of them I cleaned off last night, and I dont know why they are getting pasty. They have plenty of clean water, clean food, grit, and I added some sand today. I have seen them peck at some poopies, so I imagine that has something to do with it. We keep them clean, but it is impossible to get them every single time they poop.

Anyhow.........My question really is, do I need to clean off their pasty as soon as it starts, or wait to see if it progresses?

Well, you need to be sure their vents are not blocked at least, so you'll have to keep checking. Apply a tiny bit of oil with a Qtip to the area and the poop won't stick so bad. If you can find it at the grocery or healthfood store, get organic unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar and add a tablespoon to a quart waterer. That seems to help when I see this on rare occasions. They just need to get used to eating food. If you have sugar in their water, take that out. Sometimes sugar water causes runny poop that sticks. Hope this helps.
give them warm water in the waterer or have it partly under the light it helps them to not have it so much. chicks who get cold water tend to get it more.

dunk their little bums in warm water to get it off an dry with a paper towel so they don't get to cold and then back under light. if not removed and is bad enough to block them from pooping can cause them to die cause it backs them up.
Great! Thanks so much. I suppose I will go ahead and clean the couple pasty ones up tonight, and apply a bit of oil. I do have water in the water this time, and I also have noticed they seem to be runnier, that must be the problem! Thanks sooo much! Much help! I appreciate it.
They do have warmer water, it is a bit under the light. That is good to know about cold water having an effect- thanks!

I am going to go clean them up. Thanks so much!
We had one baby (out of 9) who ALWAYS got pasty. she had to be cleaned about twice a day for what seemed a long time. None of the others had a problem, so it almost seemed like some are jsut more prone to it than others? I just know I was warned about the seriousness of pasting up and made sure it stayed off. Now I can't even remember who it was and I do know she was more than worth it!!!
Thats good to know speckledhen! So far, the 4 that I have cleaned are all doing great. I cleaned them last night, and of course have checked on them about 10 times before we left to go ski/snowboarding today, and then in the 1/2 hour since we have been home, I have checked a few times too. All appear to be eating, drinking, and sleeping normally and as of yet, they are all clean bottoms!
I have cleaned out all the waterers and added a bit of apple cider vinegar , and on rereading your post I see that I didnt add nearly enough, but as of yet they are all well. Thanks SOOOO much everyone!
I was just looking for info on this subject!
I came home to about 6 little gunky butts. I really don't think that is a great way to start a friendship! I am glad someone mentioned putting oil on them, because that really makes sense.
I've got a question about pasty butt. I just got my 16 ADORABLE chicks from Ideal today! The kids and I have done nothing else all day but watch/play with them (first timers!). I just noticed a couple with dirty bums, so I tried to clean them up with warm water and a paper towel (so nervous about blocking their vents based on other posts). With one of them, I can clearly see what I assume is her vent, and it is clean. About 1/4 inch below that is where the poop is stuck. I've tried pretty hard to pull it off, and am now concerned it isn't poop but some other part of her anatomy - do they have umbilical cords? do they get hernias? I'm afraid to pull any harder. If her vent is clear, is it okay to leave whatever the hard mass is there?

Thanks so much for all the great info here! Today has gone much smoother because I had so much info already. I'm hoping I'm just being an overly nervous new mom!

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