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I'm a newbie and I have a question about pasty butt. Some of my chicks seem to have it pretty bad. We had them on the sav-a-chick when we first got them and have since moved them over to ACV but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Should I also be giving them probiotics? If so can I give them plain yogurt with probiotics or am I better off with a powdered version?


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Where did these chicks come from? Were they shipped to you, or did you get them from a feed store or someplace like that? Pasted vents are often a sign that a chick or chicks have been chilled.

Generally the best thing to do is to keep vigilant about removing it. The best thing to do, IMO, is just pluck it off by hand, not wash or wipe. If you can, gently pull some of the fluff out as well, so there's nothing for the feces to get stuck to while the chick gets better and grows.

It may take several days for chicks to get past this stage. I suggest checking chicks at least two or three times a day, removing the feces thoroughly.

One trick a friend recently shared with me that I have not had a chance to try is to get some fine grain sand, wash it thoroughly, then mix it with the feed at a ratio of about ten to fifteen percent. That apparently will clear up the pasted vents very quickly.

Good luck with it!

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