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If it's a two story barn and a dirt or concrete floor (?) you may have more dampness problems in spring and early summer than some people do, because of the air in there staying cooler longer. So if that is the case it might be smart to err on the side of more rather than less ventilation capacity. However a ceiling fan will not do a huge amount to move air in/out of the building, although it is better than nothing. Is this a bank barn where you physically *can't* put windows in the other 2 sides of the ground floor? If not, personally I'd put 'em in. If it is a bank barn, then if you suspect your three windows for ventilation won't always be enough and if you can't add more windows, you might think about getting a through-the-wall ventilation fan. You need one designed for agricultural etc use, that will stand up to dampness and dust. It would be a *lot* better (and cheaper and safer) if you could just get sufficient window and other passive ventilation, though.



Pat, thanks for the help. Just want to clarify a couple of things. The barn is all above-ground and 20x30 feet with a concrete floor. If I put a bank of ventilation windows on the inside walls , should they be next to the ceiling? Or if I go the ventilation fan route, should it be pulling air out of the coop or bringing fresh air from inside the barn into the coop? Sorry to be such a dim bulb, but really want to get it right the first time. Thanks.



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