Patiently (ok not so patiently) seeking laying hens MAINE

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    May 13, 2009
    Hello, I am new to BYC and raising birds. I am seeking 6 laying hens/ pullets of various breeds/ ages but under 2 would be ideal! I have my coop and pen all set up. I just need the girls!

    They will be kept in their pen when I am out and allowed to free reign of my backyard, garden, meadow and forest area (enjoying all those bugs) when I am home to keep an eye on them. For pets/ eggs/ bug control only. I plan to keep them after they stop laying, which is why I would like younger birds if possible ( I never dreamed they would be so hard to find in my area!!). My Aunt had hers for 16 years!

    Breed/ age/ looks are not important but must be friendly and good layers. I am in Southern Maine, and willing to travel up to an hour (central Maine & New Hampshire) for pick up.


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