Jul 27, 2019
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This has the structure of a role play, but anyone can join in. I’m gonna start the story and then anyone can just jump in and continue it. Here are the characters-

Importance in story- main character
Gender- hen
Breed- Wyandotte
Relations- Carey’s niece
Personality- curious, likes to tell stories. Smart, witty, and Independent. Has good advice. Reliable.

Importance in story- pretty important
Relations- Patty’s aunt
Personality- trustworthy. Doesn’t like adventure. Always lays an egg at the same time every morning. Boring to listen too.

Importance in story- pretty important
Gender- hen
Breed- Americana
Relations- non.
kind. Loves to help others. Very organized. The hen you go to when you need help. Knows a lot about everything.

Importance in story- important
Gender- rooster
Breed- All white Leghorn
Relations- non
Personality- talks a lot. Gets things done. Gets excited about everything. Pretty organized. Good at protecting his flock.

Obviously there needs to be other characters. To add them, just fill out the list I used for the other characters. Here we go!!!

Patty was not used to sitting on eggs. But she is sitting on 5 of them now. And someday, there would be chicks coming out of them. Of course Amelia had come over. She would always visit but now that she has these important eggs to sit on, she visited her very often. Bringing worms, and advice.
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Gosh, that was a really bad start on the story! Here’s the rest-
Patty was a little nervous about this whole chick thing.
Some time later...
The eggs were moving. And chirping. What in the world was going on. “These things are rolling around!!!!!!” She squawked!
(I don’t know what you might wanna add in next or how the story line should be...)

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