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Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by GopherBoyFarms, Jun 24, 2008.

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    Sure all these questions have been answered...but we just where told today that the landlord wants to get us a pair of peacocks.....or a cockand a hen.
    Here is the history....he got our chicks (25) and never told the landlord....then after the coop was built, and the chicks are 3 months old he FINALY noticed that they where here....well...........he LOVED the idea of the chickens. today when he called DH to ask if we had any money for rent (due to knee surgerys and other issues we got about 2 months behind) well....our landlord is AWESOME.....but he wanted to give us a dog....we said NO (DH doesnt like dogs specially someone elses problemed dog) Well today the landlord asked if we would take in a pair of peacocks (male and female)
    I know nothing about we need a new area for them or can I put them in with our chickens? What do I need to know about them? In our signature line is a link to our chicken coop...will we need another one for the peacocks?

    any help???
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    I'm stuck with dialup so I was not able to read the whole thread.. from the first post it seems you have a 8 x 10 coop with chickens..

    I'd say no, you shouldn't put any peacocks in there. For a pair of peafowl the very bare minimum is 10 x 10.. and that is with nothing else in there. That with 25 chickens would be extremely overcrowded for any peafowl and their tails will get completely ruined in that. (BTW their tails spread 10 feet wide when open.. they also move around so in that pen their tails will be rubbing against the wire- which does damage the tail feathers).

    Bigger definitely is better for peafowl, even with just a pair.. they are big birds who like to walk a lot. Something 10 x 30 or 20 x 20 would be far better. If you can go for 10 x 60.. go for it! Especially if they are not intended to be let loose at any time- they are not as easy to free range like chickens are.

    It is generally a better idea to keep chickens and ducks separate from peafowl as those are potential carriers of diseases fatal to peafowl, having both in the same area really increases the risks but you will still need to take precautions such as deworming the peafowl regularly etc.
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    you need an 8 by 8 coop for the a 20 by 20 run.if you have youll want to put a top over the old are the peas.

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