Pea Chicks, Variety of Colors, Pick-Up Only, Minnesota

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    Please don't hit buy-it-now, PM me with any questions. I will have Pea chicks hatching this week and every week until my hens quit laying. I have Black Shoulder, Purple, Purple Pied White Eye, White, and Pied Emerald Spaulding Peacocks in with Black Shoulder, Black Shoulder Pied, Midnight Black Shoulder, Purple Black Shoulder, Opal, Cameo, India Blue, and Java hens. Chicks are $20 and up depending on color. This is pick-up only or I can meet you part way. I live near Pine City and also go down 35/35E to work in Arden Hills. I also have BLRW and some Melanistic Mutant Pheasant chicks for sale. This is a chick that hatched last week. It looks to be feathering in as a Black Shoulder or Black Shoulder Pied.


    Peacocks: The Black Shoulder and Purples are from eggs I hatched from Deerman.



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    May 25, 2011
    Gaston Oregon
    beautiful birds, we are in Oregon so I am not a potential buyer, the last bird in your pictures has yellow on his/her face. What kind of peafowl is that?

    Do you sell eggs?

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