Pea plants with powdery mildew

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    Mar 28, 2011
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    I have some pea plants that I just pulled up. I normally give these to the chickens but they have a plant disease called powdery mildew. Has anyone fed such a thing to their chickens what was the result. I know they aren't supposed to eat mold but this is a living plant and don't know if powdery mildew is a problem.
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    Plants become more and more fibrous as they mature. Chickens don't do a real good digesting fiber.

    . . . just my 2ยข. What I would do is compost those old pea plants. All sorts of life will begin digesting those plants in the compost pile. The mildew growing on them probably won't have much of a chance. I know that cows will go absolutely wild over half-decomposed pea vines. They will eat them until they can't eat another mouthful. And, cows have stomachs able to digest fibrous foods - but they like those decaying vines.

    Whatever nutrients the vines have now, are likely to still be available in the compost after a couple of weeks. They may be far more digestible to chickens at that time. If you would like, the chickens will be happy to look thru your compost pile for anything they think is especially good to eat [​IMG].


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