Peach seeds...are guineas and these seeds a bad match??

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by critters, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. does anyone know ??

    gave my penned guineas some peach peelings and some cores yesterday...
    this morning had a dead guinea in the pen... no signs of outward harm to him..
    is there a possibility the peach or peach seed could have hurt him??
    all others in the pen (and free rangers) all appear fine. I am keeping a watch
    on them just in case....just don't know what "took" my guinea?....
    whatever the reason, one is too many to lose and hope no others die..
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    Very possibly if they tried to swallow a peach pit, it might choke them. If that was the case, you should be able to feel the pit in the dead bird's throat.
  3. Don't think that was it. I checked him all over for anything. ..bee stingers, snake bite, open battle scar...anything and she looked good marks or swollen body parts and her neck was normal...slim, no bulges...
    Just don't know what happened for her to die. I have a mopping male now ....Feel bad for him as well.
  4. Oh yeah...
    Regarding peach pits. ..if you split one open you find a seed inside...White in color ...then the shape and size is like an almond. FYI...
  5. Maybe I found my own answer. The seed in the peach pit (as well as apricots) contain amygdalin which is a form of cyanide with a potentially harmful amount in each seed..... so if a guinea ate several seeds it could make them sick or even cause death...
    Live and learn but feel bad that I basically killed my poor guinea..ugh!

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