Peaches, Princess!! WHAT did you DOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. i lost the girls today. I let everyone out to freerange for a few hours when I got home. It had rained most of the day, and they had all been underneath the shed bummed out all day. They were sooo happy to come running out of the pen and into the damp wet dreary day. The were in 7th heaven in the back yard with all the bugs, worms, etc. I looked around and did not see 3 of my bunch. I called for them, usually they will come trotting out of the trees or something. Nothing. No sign of them. I walked around yelling for them and here comes my EE flying around the corner of the house!!!!! right up to my feet she stops and looks up at me like, 'here I am momma!" no Peaches, no PRincess. hmmmmmm.. these three are inseperable. I called once again and the sight my eyes beheld was enough to burn my retinas... OMG... If you could have seen my snow white pristene snobby girls. PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where have you two been!!!!!?????? [​IMG]






    the videos are even better....

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    That's what we refer to as a Hot Mess. Poor things. I'll be they had fun.

  5. oh they had an absolute ball!!!!!! it was great. I swear they were smiling!!!! i rubbed them down with a towel before they went in. the rest of the flock was looking at them like they were aliens.... it was so funny.

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    They just had a little mud pack for their complexions......[​IMG]

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    LMAO they been real naughty i was thinking something like they was attack atleast they wasnt still funny lmao
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    Looks like they have been visiting the mud bath at the spa LOL

  10. I just wanna see the 'mud fairy' that must have came around that night, because yesterday morning she was spotless. I found their little play ground as well... that's the first place they headed when I let them back out. So THATS what happened to my daffodile bulbs.. that's why they were found 20 feet away from where I planted them.... hmmmmmm...

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