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Mar 22, 2010
Sterling, Ok.
I have two week old peachicks. One just seems like its not doing as well and its smaller than the other. I took it out last night to check it out and when I putting back the bigger one grabed its leg and was dragging it around I had to reach in and stop it. Any ideas about what to do? This is my first time with peachicks


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Nov 10, 2009
First....I am absolutely NOT and expert on peafowl but....I have gone through similar with chicken chicks. A smaller one (runt as I called him) getting picked on by others. Sometimes I would swear the big ones were going to peck it's lil eyes out!! But, all was well. I trusted good ole mom nature and just kept a close eye. He learned to stand up for himself eventually and actually has become quite the little bully himself lol. One thing I did do with one, I took the runt and then also the next smallest one and put them into a separate "brooder" (wally world's famous plastic storage bucket with a light over it lol). the two of them actually became very close and when I did finally give them the boot out into the henhouse with the rest....they both did fine. Sorry I can't be more help, I do know how you feel. It is easy to find yourself sitting there chewing on the nubs that used to be fingernails just waiting for something to "happen"! Good luck, hope it works out for you


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Mar 10, 2008
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Some peachicks are slow to learn how to eat unlike chicks, other have no problem. I would keep them together so they have a better chance of learning from each other if you can. They will grab each others toes sometimes when you pick up one - looks like big juicy worms to them, LOL you might want to give the smaller chick some vitamins or put some in the water. Also as often as you can, dip your finger in water and then in the food. Show them your finger and entice them to get it. They learn from what mom eats when she raises them. Sometimes dieing some of the feed with green food coloring works, then sprinkle on top of the regular feed. Hope that might help the little one....

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