Peachicks dying


6 Years
May 23, 2016
Hi have lost 2 peachicks in the brooder within 2 weeks the last one was about 12 days old he was fine until about the evening when he seemed lethargic not moving much stumbling not eating or drinking he died early morning so from me noticing he was ill to about 9 hours his poop was dark brown and watery he's been in the brooder from day one what could this be and what preventative measures should i take i dont want to lose any more chicks the same way its heartbreaking any help would be greatly appreciated thankyou
Heres a pic of the first one that died similar time frame from realising he was ill to death but the second one was an IB chick so couldnt see if there was any darkness around the eye been feeding starter with some scrambled eggs and some vitamins and electtrolytes in water
Infant deaths are common and we can't always know what the cause is. It could be that there was something wrong internally or it may have contracted something or even came in contact with something like a poisonous spider or scorpion. I have lost a few to infection from herniated navels within the first week or so. It is way too early for worms and perhaps too early for cocci. Cocci can be air born or transmitted on you or your clothing, the birds don't have to be on the ground to contract it. Grit is not necessary until you start feeding grains which you are not.

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