Peachicks moving out - immunisations?

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by animalloverabh, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. animalloverabh

    animalloverabh Allons-y, Alonso

    My three peachicks have just last night gone through the car journey to the farm where my adult animals are (also one peachick with his mother and some ducklings with theirs), I have had them in my house for the past month or so (they were hatched out in June) and they have gotten way too big for the hamster cage they were staying in.

    While they were living with me I took them out to the garden almost every day for hours on end, however the only fecal matter there that I know about was theirs and that of maybe the neighboring cat or passing birds. Here there's a range of chicken, dog, peafowl, sheep, ducks etc and i'm thinking is it safe for them to play here?

    Plus I have gotten (shamefully) attached to them, and one of them, as you may know was attacked by a cat (see my other thread) and luckily only got out with a bit of a dirty eye.

    So the main thing is - what are the medications they need before they go out? Keeping in mind they have already been here in their first few days of life, then worried for their safety I removed three of the four.
  2. casportpony

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    I would get a wormer that's effective in treating cecal worms. What can you get in the UK?

  3. mbbrinegar

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    Jun 26, 2013
    Yes, definitely worm them.
  4. animalloverabh

    animalloverabh Allons-y, Alonso

    Cecal worms, I'll have a check, thanks

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