Peachicks of 2017, Show Us Your Babies!

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  1. My first hatch of 2017, four Spaulding Black Shoulder and one Spaulding Purple Black Shoulder hatched 4-17-2017


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    Apr 19, 2017
    All are truly beautiful! Subscribing.
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    Meet George! S/he's our first IB hatchling of 2017; popped out days earlier than expected!


    S/he scared the bejeebers out of me when I walked in & saw this:
    It turns out s/he just loves to lounge!

    I've still got two other pea-eggs in the 'bator & a clutch baking beneath their mama Lucy, out in the henhouse. Oh, & our Narragansett gobbler--yes, I typed GOBBLER (not "hen")--has a pea-egg cooking beneath him along with his clutch of turkey eggs & duck eggs ... It's going to be an interesting spring around here!

    Another shot of George, just because s/he's adorable!!

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  4. My second hatch week of 2017.


    I am really happy to see this one, Spaulding split Peach and Dark Silver Pied.


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  6. Feeding time!

  7. Finally got some Cameos to go with the Cameo Black Shoulders

    IMG_1272.JPG IMG_1270.JPG
    Meet Mickey, a Spaulding split White perhaps Pied from Spaulding split Peach and a Peach Silver Pied hen. IMG_1271.JPG
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    Dec 22, 2015
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    My day old baby's

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    Love seeing pea chick pix and sharing mine, too! I only have 4 right now but hope to have plenty more soon.
    I record mine with photos and in a record book so they are somewhat labeled already in these photos.
    Super is a Purple BS peacock and is in with an unrelated Purple hen so I am excited with their first hatches this year.

    Super #1 5-20-17.jpg

    5-23-17 Super chick #2.jpg

    My Opal pen is new this year. I have had these Opal WE hens 2 years and bred to Bronze the first year and then to SP last year but this year they are back with their son to give me more Opal WE.

    5-23-17 Opal chick #1.jpg
    Opal #2 5-23-17.jpg
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    Jun 7, 2013
    No chicks yet. Set 3 IB eggs May 15th in the incubator. My hen started brooding 3 eggs May 19th.

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