Peacock Sinus Infection.


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11 Years
Mar 3, 2008
I have a Blue India Peacock that seems to get recurring sinus/eye infections. His sinus' swell and sometimes causes his eye to swell shut. He also loses some head and neck feathers too. I've give him the antibiotic the vet suggested, only for the infection to clear up and unfortunately return. Any advice on this perplexing problem would be helpful.
The Peacock is doing about the same, he seems fine he's got a great personallity,but a very swollen eye. Thanks for asking.
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I have turkeys and peacocks I have 2 turkeys with the sinus infection I have been giving them duramycin I got at the feed store
I use Tylon50 bought it at tractor supply. I have a hen (female peacock) that gets re-accruing sinus infections. If anyone does know why this happens and how to prevent it I would be grateful to know.
I forgot to tell you to give 2ml by mouth twice a day for 3 days then once a day for 4 days. It always clears my girl up.
My male lost vision in his left eye due to sinus infection I have the Tylan injectable
I thinK it will become chronic

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