Peacocks legs paralysed

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Apr 8, 2017
Hi guys,
Writing after a long time as I was busy in my studies. But now I am back. A relative of mine had a brief conversation with me about his sick green java peacock he told me that his legs were paralysed and he could not stand or walk. The bird is in a pen. What could possibly be wrong I know that the information about the sick bird is limited but still what could be the possible circumstances?and what could be the disease if we assume that the peacock is eating fine.
I have read accounts here of members whose peacocks have lost the use of their legs after an impact with the side or ceiling of their pen (for example, when their bird had a night fright). This apparently is not always a permanent paralysis.
Others here with more experience will be able to advise you, but please tell your relative to give this bird some time to recover just in case this is an impact injury.

Do you remember who had this happen to their bird @KsKingBee, @casportpony?
It was a while ago, I think.
You should research Newcastle disease. I don't know a lot about it but I believe that is one of the symptoms.
Thanks for the response.
Your answer interests me last year my peacock started having twisting and convulsions of neck after looking upon the internet I suspected Newcastles Disease. I went to a vetrinary pharmacy and told the symptoms to the man there. He prescribed me mecobal tablets and told me that they were vitamin B tablets and I had to give them to the infected peacock after crushing them in water. I was a bit surprised and asked him again but he seemed confident and he said that it would take a week or two to heal. I started giving the pea the medicine and it started becoming better and healed in two weaks and the neck convulsions were gone. What to do you have to say on this?

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