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  1. I have available from my NPIP and AI Clean Flock in Kansas the following Peas for sale;

    Mature India Blue breeding hens for $125
    Mature Cameo breeding hens for $175
    Two-year-old India Blue cock for $150
    Two-year-old Cameo Black Shoulder cock for $200
    Yearling India Blue pairs for $125
    Yearling India Blue cocks for $50
    Yearling India Blue Dark Pied cocks for $75
    Yearling India Blue Pied cocks for $100
    Yearling Spaulding cocks for $75
    Yearling Spaulding Black Shoulder cocks for $75
    Yearling Cameo pair for $200
    Yearling Purple hens for $100
    Yearling Spaulding Purple Black Shoulder hens for $125
    Yearling White hens for $125
    Yearling White unsexed for $100

    Shipping is available via USPS and we also take Pay-Pal
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  2. foxvalleyfarm

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    Feb 23, 2014
    North Carolina
    Do you sell eggs?
  3. Echoinghills

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    Feb 21, 2010
    Hi, i would be very interested in some Peachicks this season!! I am looking for Pied and Silver Pieds. I also might be interested in some of your yearling white or pied hens if you have any available still? My zipcode is 44654 in Ohio. Can you let me know approx. shipping cost for 2 yearling hens? Thanks in advance!!! Francie
  4. I will be selling eggs after July 15th.

  5. My list has gotten quite a bit shorter since I posted this ad. I am down to less than twenty birds for sale, all yearlings, and only one hen, an IB Dark Pied. Send me a PM so we can discuss what is left and how they may fit your needs.
  6. LDR2

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    Aug 3, 2015
    Edinburg, Tx
    Hello KsKingBee,

    Is there a waitlist for your hatching eggs?
  7. labink

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    Oct 31, 2015
    Eastern N. Carolina
    I am looking for silver pied eggs. Please add me to any waiting list you may have. I am in NC so I would have to have them shipped. Also I can pay using PayPal.

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