Peacocks still sick after treatment


Dec 26, 2020
I am fairly new here. I have been looking at posts on this thread for years. There aren't that many on Peacocks. I have had Peafowl for years but have never had any sickness. This past spring, I bought some Bantam chicks and lost almost all my peachicks. All but one chicken chick died. I believe they all had something or were carrying something and gave it to my peachicks. The few that survived are still pooping watery white poop. I belong to a Facebook group that gave me good information on what to do, but after months of trying to get better, they still have diarrhea, and now my older peacocks have it. Does anyone know what I can do to get rid of it? I have given All in one, and they have been wormed. They had a dose of LA200. A few weeks later, more All in One and I also given them Metronidazole tablets. What can I do to get them well again? There are no Vets here where I live that deal with birds.
Welcoem to BYC! Unfortunatly I know nothing about peacocks. Wish you the best of luck in getting rid of what's causing the trouble! :fl

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