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May 14, 2011
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I'm not sure if this is in the right forum section... but meh. It's 5AM, I haven't slept all night from my excitement and I'm sort of high on life. So I hope whatever I might type here is legible.

So, I have about eleven chicks that I'm raising currently in a brooder. They're my first, at about 1 1/2 weeks old.

But I've started to read about other birds just out of curiosity, and I remember one of my aunts having a lovely peacock named Olly who used to eat grapes from my hand. So I've gotten interested, and I hear they're pretty simple birds to keep. And I thought, hey, I might as well look for breeders in my state just to see if they're available. Turns out, this lady who breeds several varieties who lives close to us has them for sale.

We live on eight acres, and I think it would be easy to make an enclosure for the bird. But we are also slightly hard pressed for money at the moment (not dangerously, but enough that we can't afford more than 500$ maximum for a bird that won't have any particular use in the long run aside from being pretty) Can anyone tell me if this is a good idea? Has anyone had experience with peacocks? I would rather have a peacock than a peahen, since I heard the peahens are more vocal during mating season; and I don't think our neighbors would might the noise much; they have some pretty loud cockerels that you can hear from several blocks away.

Would they get along with my hens? They're all large breed. Are they friendly? Can you clip their wings so they won't fly away? I'm new to the world of birds, but I loved Olly so much and I think it could also be a lovely opportunity.
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Apr 11, 2011
Peacocks are absolutely lovely to look at. One of my neighbors has tons of them. And as his neighbor, I must say, those things are LOUD! All day long all you hear is errrrrrr rrrrrraaaaahhhhhhhh! Sometimes they do it at night too. I see them on his truck, the roof of his house, the roof of MY house. If you have any close neighbors, I would definately get their opinion on how they would feel about you having them. And keeping them in an enclosure is a great idea. It gets really old having to chase/call the neighbor because his birds are on my roof at 5 am being obnoxious. Its gotten to the point where Im trying to figure out how to cook a peacock. Im not sure how one would be on its own, maybe not as bad, but I most definately suggest alot of research, and that you visit someone elses for a little while before you seriously consider getting them. Im definately not trying to sway you either way. I had wanted some peas for a long time, and was excited to find our neighbor had them.........its not so exciting anymore. Good luck with whatever decision you make. Go and check out the pea fowl section, there are lots of very knowledgeable folks there.

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