Peafowl and hawks


11 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Will free ranging peafowl be like watchdogs for hawk attacks on chickens?...or could they be next on the hawk menu?! Had my pair up until this hawk problems. Within 6 weeks of them going AWOL the hawk attacks started. Trying desperately for a natural solution-I refuse to fence in the birds.
When I free-ranged and even with the peafowl in the pen they can spot a hawk even before you can see it. They will spot a hawk so high in the sky to our eyes it will be a little dot.

One breeder told me that one day one of her birds got caught by a hawk and the hawk had it pinned down to the ground and a group of her free-ranging peafowl ran to the rescue and pestered the hawk until it let go of the bird and flew away.

Normally when the peafowl spot a hawk they make a low gurgling squeaking noise and stare with their head tilted toward the sky. Sometimes they might make loud honking noises but a lot of times they stare up at the sky and make the low squeaking.

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