peafowl and turkeys? HELP?


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Last week I was given a trio of 6 year old 15/16 java green peafowl and a 4 year old blue pied peacock. I gave a way a pair of the java green peafowl. And I am trading a java hen for a white hen. The problem is I don't have time to build a pen for them and I have them at a freind place all together and I need to seperate the males before breeding season. I guess I didn't give them away I traded for room and board since I didn't have room for them and needed a place to but them. Well anyway I have a pair of eastern turkeys in a coop that is 12Lx10Wx6H with a covered top it also has a 10X8 run not covered (the turkeys wing is cliped) I let them out daily when I'm outside to supervise while feeding the other animals(30-45mins). Can I mix a pair of Peafowl if I worm them a couple times of year and clean the pen weekly. I plan on leting them free range on my 10 acre place when I finsh my 6 ft deer fence. Plz help me I'm up for all sugestions I've always want peafowl and I figure free peafowl you can't turn that down.
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It will depend on the temperament of the turkeys and peafowl. Turkeys and peafowl can fight with each other and both are prone to bossiness. Peafowl often require a fair amount of space for those long tails also.
yep I agree, a pen that size is adequate for a pair of either, but putting both in there that confined would most likely be asking for trouble. You would need to keep the peafowl penned for 1-3 months before I would advise free ranging them other wise they'd not know where home is.
If the spauldings (not javas) truly are 15/16 (which are pretty darn expensive), I wouldnt advise free ranging them at all, chances are as close to pure javas as they are, they would also act like javas, and never look back, next thing you know, they'd be here in my backyard in Georgia. If you have the space a new pen will be you best bet for the peafowl, a little bigger and a little taller wouldnt hurt for them either. Males will also get along fine together if there are no hens present in most cases....
Thanks for the advice that is what I figuered I would hear but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask. I guess I should just make time to build them a pen and build another pen because you can never have to many pens never know what you will run into.

here is a pic of my peacock i think he is spalding blue pied? please help me ?

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So the spalding they are wild when you go in their pen. they are bouncing of the walls and flyin up and hiting the top (10 ft). We won't let anyone go out there. the other male is gentle he like people he is a little to gentle if you ask me.
Having peafowl that like you is a good thing in my opinion............. I have never had trouble with my hand raised peafowl becoming aggressive towards me. They are easier to catch, change out pens and get them back in their pens after free ranging. The only problem I have with friendly ones is they are so darn nosey and like to nip my fingers when i am working on fencing... LOL.

That beautiful boy just looks like a plain blue pied, doesnt apear to have a crest on him to judge by, a spaulding will usually have a tight up right crest like the green birds have.
Mine arent that bad, but they do tend to quickly avoid you.. The javas and imperators I have are about the same way, the imperators are the flighest ones I have, they will fly up when you go into feed up.
Spauldings in the 50% range arent bad, but when you get up in percentage, their flightyness does increase.

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