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    Hi All!
    I recently picked up some peachicks from a lady that told me the pen they came out of had "a Black Shoulder male and IB, silver blue and pied hens" . So the chicks (4 of them) are; IB, IB split white (he/she has white flights), Black shoulder, and pied. Any thoughts on parentage of this group? As I understand it, one of the hens would have to be split BS to make the BS chick, the male would have to be split pied and split white to make the pied chick and IB split white? Trying to "nail down" the color backgrounds on the chicks so I can track for future color breeding purposes. The chicks are young (4 weeks and coming 2 weeks), I will post pics when I get back home from being away for work. Thanks in advance for any insight on this.
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    May 23, 2016
    For the BS bird if it is not split to white or pied the parents could be this
    IB split BS+ IB split BS= 50% BS 50% IB

    For the pied and split white birds
    White+IB= IB split white
    White+pied= 50% white 50% pied
    White+dark pied= pied
    Pied+pied= pied and white

    for the IB bird
    BS+IB= IB split BS

    hope this helps

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