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  1. Kedreeva

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    Jun 10, 2010
    These eggs have been claimed! Thank you!

    So, I am not turning on my incubator this year (I tested eggs with a friend instead) and I just got back from a 2-week vacation and while I had someone come pick up the eggs from the first week, there are a couple dozen unclaimed eggs from 6/4 to today. I plan to take the eggs from earlier in the week to my friend, but there are 10 eggs from 6/8-6/11 that I can ship Monday (tomorrow, 6/12) if anyone is interested. My flock is not currently NPIP certified (my cert dropped off last year and I need to send in the docs for this year to renew it) but the birds are all tested pullorum free (I am a certified tester).

    There are 4 eggs from my (possibly split BS) pied purple boy over BS purple and BS pied purple hens. There are 6 eggs from my dark pied blue split cameo boy over 2 blue pied, 1 purple, and 1 purple pied hens.

    Baby possibilities should be whites (out of purples), purple pied (split BS, possibly full BS), dark pied purple, pied blues (possibly split purple or cameo if boys), dark pied blues (possibly split cameo or purple if boys), dark pied cameo females, and pied cameo females.

    Eggs are $5 per, shipping will probably be $15-20. This is the only time this year I will be offering eggs at this price.

    The images below are of the parents. purple peas.jpg Blu.jpg Orion.jpg tumblr_inline_ood4ev6LCT1rtlvv1_500.jpg tumblr_oqmlccJbqw1rc4grco1_500.jpg
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    May 17, 2017
    OMG!! nice birds and killer price! I wish the incubator was set up and ready for these eggs. WOW!! Maybe next time you get the $5 itch I will jump on board for a few eggs.

    Free bump for now.

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