Peafowl living arrangements


10 Years
Jun 15, 2009
Hey all! I have a question. I have 2 peafowl, they are a couple of months old (hatched in July?) We have them in a enclosed area, next to pheasants (Mesh and a low board are what separates them). My question is a) is this okay? and b) would it be possible to move the peafowl in with the pheasants? (The pheasants are red golden/lady amherst). We have had no problems with either pen having sickness even though only a mesh is separating them. If they can't go in with the pheasants can they go in with the chickens?
I have kept my peas with red goldens for over a year now with no problems. They each seem to do their own thing and never fight over food but the pheasants know who eats first. Would NOT put them with the chickens because they can carry diseases (without being sick) that are harmful to both pheasants and peas.
Awesome! Thanks!! That's now my chore for tonight!
I think they'd do fine with the pheasants if they're all pretty much the same age/size. My one year old peahens were raised separately from my year old chickens, but they get along as well as any birds get along with one another. There's that pecking order thing and the peahens are larger than the chickens, but they do okay together. They all free range in the same yard and mostly have no problems.

One of my peahens stayed in the chicken coop two nights ago and went up on the roost with the chickens. She did just fine. You have to experiment and try it out for yourself. But if the peas are small and the chickens full grown, I wouldn't do it. I think the chickens would peck the little ones and perhaps kill them.
Thanks! Our peafowl are now going on like 4 months, they actually I think are bigger then our standards already. Our pheasants are probable a little smaller then them even though they are older. We did move them in, last night, with the pheasants. When I went in late last night they had been fine, in fact our white was perched up with the pheasants. I think it helps that they were raised next to each other and could always see the other birds.

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