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Peafowl pen

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by festus336, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. festus336

    festus336 In the Brooder

    Dec 9, 2011
    Hello I'm new to peacocks and I am in progress of building a pen. I have a peacock and a peahen, my pen is 20x30 with a 10x10 shelter. Will this be large enough for both of them?

  2. C&Rman

    C&Rman Songster

    Feb 26, 2011
    Yes. That will be plenty big enough. The rule of thumb is 100sqft per bird. I like to go 50-75sqft per hen. So you have plenty of room. The run you have is enough room for 6 peacocks! Love to see pictures by the way [​IMG] Also what kind of peacocks do you have?
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2011
  3. festus336

    festus336 In the Brooder

    Dec 9, 2011
    Great!! My poor husband, I've made him change the size 3xs. He's a good manÓźĄ. I have a India blue hen and a blackshoulder which is coming in from Four Oaks Peafowl on weds. I'm soooo excited. My poor hen has been living with my Silkies and is beginning to look like one herself. She'll be happy to see another peafowl. I'll send pics as soon as I get them. Thank you soooo much.
  4. bemba

    bemba Songster

    Feb 5, 2010
    Mary Valley QLD.
    Awesome!!! Can't wait for some pics [​IMG]

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