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  1. So is there another use for peafowl other than Breeding, pretty colors and showing? I know that Eating eggs can be it, but what about meat? I know it sounds cruel. I just want to know. thats all

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    i have peafowl i do not eat them but i do know a guy that lives near me has raised them for eating he says the are very much like pheasant or guinea fowl and i have read that they were eaten alot in roman times they even glued the train back on the cooked bird with a type of honey i could never eat my peafowl it nwould just seem wrong but i do know of people that do it up to you but dont eat the pied one in your pic you can just send it to me lol:)
  3. Lol. Na I wouldnt eat him. Although he is annoying and other things. He is still my jack....
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    Honestly they probably are not WORTH eating, as the birds sell for so much money and take 2 years to be full grown (though you could eat them probably at a year). If you were to eat them, they would taste a lot like pheasant or turkey- which can both be eaten for a lot cheaper.

    However, their feathers can be used in a lot of arts and crafts (jewelry making for example, or fly tying lures for fishing) and some sell the train feathers for cat toys or decor (flower arrangements with them are AWESOME).

    They're also decent "watchdogs" in that they will cause quite a fuss if there's anything in your yard, alerting you.
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    You know in some Countries people pay big money to have guineas for dinner just think how much you could charge for Peafowl Delux [​IMG].

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