9 Years
Dec 11, 2010
north MS
today i went to the yard and saw my only peahen dead. she was just laying there nothing had killed her but yesterday she was just laying around all day. i thought something was wrong so i picked her up she has plenty of weight nothing seemed wrong she was only 2 years old what could this have been?


Jul 11, 2010
South of Blanco, TX
I really am so sorry about your peahen. I see someone mentioned egg bound. That's what crossed my mind. Do you worm your birds. I'll be a basket case when that happens to peas are pets I feed from my hand and spend a lot of time with. Most I've raised from babies I've hatched so I know there personalities and have so many memories. I know eventually it will happen but doubt I'll be prepared.


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8 Years
Jun 10, 2011
So very very sorry for your loss. I to had one of my peahens do the same thing. Health and happy one day, little tired the next, then pasted away. Nothing could get her where she was and she was wormed, well feed and cared for/loved so very much!! This is the fourth I have heard of this and in all cases death could be undetermined even after posts in some cases. Life is short for some so we just love all as best we can each and everyday. So sorry


8 Years
May 25, 2011
Gaston Oregon
On the UPA there is an article about the birds eating or stepping on random items that cause injury. I once had to pull a complete plastic shopping bag out of the mouth/throat of one of my hens.
I dont know why she would think it would look like something to eat, but she tried to.

We have also had an 8 week old break their neck in some kind of unseen injury. One day healthy next day acting so wierd and within 10 hours dead. (we didnt know she had a broken neck or we wouldnt have let her suffer)

I am sorry for your loss.

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