Peahen shaking her rear at my chickens. Why?

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by slurrywidow, Feb 8, 2011.

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    Nov 17, 2010
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    I have a issue with a peahen that won't leave my chickens alone! About a month ago I adopted some young hens and have them set up in an enclosed coop/run. For years there has been a peahen that just wanders around the surrounding properties between myself and all the neighbors (30+ acres). I know at least one neighbor feeds her and she roosts in the trees between our properties.

    However about a week ago she has become quite obsessed with my chickens. She comes to the edge of the run and just watches my girls for hours! A points during this she raises all of her back feathers (like a peacock would do) and then backs up toward the run, shaking her rear like Beyonce! [​IMG] Drives my chickens up the wall. They pace the run and seem really agitated. I've gone out there and gently shoo-ed her off but the minute I come inside, she's back.

    Why? What is she doing? Is there something I can do to get her to move on down the road? Is this going to eventually stress my chickens to the point they don't lay? Am I being silly even worrying about it? [​IMG]

    I appreciate any ideas.
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    She is trying to intimidate them, and it sounds like she is doing a great job! [​IMG]

    Peahens will also do that for male attention.... just like the boys.
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    Peahen do display just like a peacock, she is just showing off, no harm to the chicken. Peafowl with find other birds to hang around ,if no other peafowl around.

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