Peahens or Peacocks?


8 Years
Apr 18, 2011
This is driving me crazy. I think these are peahens, but they don't act like I think a female should act. Lots of tail feather displays, chasing the roosters all over the place. But no plumage. They are going into their second year, raised from day old chicks. I was trying to find a female to keep a local feral male peacock company, but about the time I got the chicks the male just wandered off to greener pastures or wherever.

I have googled and googled, looked at pictures and watched youtube videos and just can't decide. Your opinions would be most appreciated. I want to get a mate, but don't need 3 male peacocks. Thank you.
peacocks 1 June 2017.jpg
peacocks 2 June 2017.jpg
peacocks 3 June 2017.jpg
I do not keep peafowl, but those are peacocks, females are never that colorful. They are brown for camouflaging while sitting on their eggs. Those are males with no long tail feathers, probably young males. 100% peacocks, and I rarely say 100%.
Hello @Goomer! It's true, those are 100% peaboys you have there!

*Sorry to go off topic here, but hey you guys, what happened to that function where you could post pictures you've previously posted?? Did all my old pictures get dumped in the "upgrade"?????
For some reason I'm disappointed these are males. Not sure why, maybe just because I was wrong about the gender. At least I don't have to wonder when and where they will be laying eggs.
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