Pebbles is broody!! Broodyness is contagious

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    I doubted it would ever happen. I found guinea eggs and left them in two nesting boxes. Yesterday, Pebbles wouldnt come out of the box and she was still in this morning. She is a barred rock looking hen. She is setting on 12 guinea eggs.

    Now Blondie has decided to go broody!Geez, a few weeks ago, I was just hoping one would so I wouldn't have to start the bator. I lifted her up a bit, removed todays two chicken eggs, counted and added a few more guinea eggs that were in another nesting box. She now has 12 eggs.

    I did have to "fire up" the bator. I have 21 guinea eggs going. Geez, guinea egg overload. Some of my guinea hens have decided to lay in the nesting boxes too. I still have 5 eggs that are 'open' in one box and three empty boxes. Maybe I should put "reserved" signs in them so the other three dont decide to go broody too.

    I might get to fill my local keat orders early
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] YAY!!!! congrats!!!! i love broodys

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