PECANS!!! $3.50/lb in-shell; $4/lb cracked; $10/lb shelled


7 Years
Sep 10, 2012
Loving, NM
Well, harvest is done and we're ready to start shipping cracked, in-shell, and shelled pecans.

What do you get? Non-pesticide sprayed, clean, ungraded pecans. The only quality related sorting is done by machine to blow out the light pecans.

The cost is only $3.50/lb for in-shell pecans. Why? Becuase that's better than what we can get for them from the wholesale buyer, but cheaper than you can buy them elsewhere. I've checked several companies online and ebay at $5/lb is the cheapest I've found.

We'll also crack them if you'd like for an extra $.50/lb.

The shelled pecans are $10/lb. We're hand shelling the pecans this year so they oughta be very clean. However, it takes us a little longer to get them done.

We can only get 1 pound in the small flat rate box and shipping for it is $5.80.
Shipping for 2 to 7 pounds is currently $12.35.
Want more than 7 pounds? Shipping is $16.85.

Buyer to pay shipping. PM the quantities(in-shell and cracked) and your zip code and I'll send you a final price. My zip code is 88256 so you can estimate shipping before ordering.

Thanks for looking.
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Jan 28, 2017
anybody still have any cracked 2016 pecans for sale? if so please list price and if you ship

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