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    Jul 25, 2016
    I'm newer to chickens. I went out tonight to lock the chickens up. I saw red on my white leg horns back/bottom. I looked under the feathers and she was all bloody. I found who was pecking her. I have the pecked chicken in a large dog crate right now not sure what to do. PLEASE HELP.

    not sure how to add pics for a computer [​IMG]
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    Tomorow, go to your local feed store and get some vetericyn spray. It helps all wounds to heal faster, and it doesn't use chemicals.

    Look at the wound closer. How bad is it? Is there a big flap of skin hanging loose, or a big hole? Depending on how severe it is, get some antibiotic cream to keep flys, etc. out of it. If it's not anything major, then just veterycin should be fine.
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    Try this.....I will assume they are all laying.....Add some Grower to your feed...I feed grower and layer 50/50 till my Birds are 1 years old........Provide grit and oyster shell if laying.....Stop all Fillers/treats and snacks....once a week is okay at 5%..1 Tablespoon per bird......

    Blu-kote spray will help also....Keep her in the Crate in the coop if needed....If you remove her it will be hard once she heals to let her back out.....

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    I'd suggest trying to find and at best isolate the culprit. Whilst the removal of the injured bird is important, it is likely that the culprit will simply turn their attentions to another omega bird.
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    Jul 19, 2016
    Agree with the others.How much space do they have?Spray some Blu kote on the infected wound.Keep her isolated until its healed or they will make it worse.

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