Pecked egg or rat?

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    May 29, 2015
    We know we have a new rat infestation and have taken measures to keep them out of the coop. We also got a barn cat that we're acclimating since traps only worked twice. One of our hens lays her egg every day on the floor of the goat shed underneath the goat bench. She has never pecked her egg. We found her egg like this today (see pic). No contents were spilled out, they just spilled when I decided to fish it from the compost to take a picture. Could this have been a rat that ran away when it heard us coming? Their most recent tunnel is under the goat shed. Or does it look like a pecked egg?
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    It could've been a rat or one of your chickens just stepping on one of there eggs, the hole is pretty big so it is probably a rat. You should get Rat Killer Food and put it in the holes and then cover the holes with rocks or stones. Be sure not to let the Chickens eat the rat Poison Food They could get sick.

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