Pecking about in Maine


Mar 29, 2018
New Portland, Maine
Hello everyone! :)
I am new-ish to Maine, moved up here a couple years ago and looking to possibly get some chickens next year in 2019 if I can get the coop and run built by then. I am doing all I can right now to do my research however before jumping in. Planning to have hens and egg layers only, no meat birds.
Any advice or suggestions are always welcome! Taking my time so I can sort through all the great information here and in a few books and magazines and YouTube vids I've found.

I am not new to the northeast as I am originally from PA and lived all over the world. Settled now in Maine on some lovely property here in the NW area of the state. Any resources or local farms out this way, would love to peek about! Already checked out Tractor Supply in Skowhegan.

Looking forward to reading and learning more! :)



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