pecking order adjustment

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    I had 4 older hens, of which one had always been at the low end of the pecking order. I had 4 new pullets that I planned to introduce to the same pen, but decided to do it gradual. I built a temporary pen adjacent to so they could get used to each other. I noticed right off that little miss bottom of the order was planning on changing things. The other older hens didn't pay much attention to the youngsters (they knew of their existance since they were small), but my little hen was talking to them, walking back and forth and making what resembled a growling noise. She triumphed in moving her self up the ladder, and enjoys it so that she sleeps with the young ones now (all hens have the option of sleeping in either coop).

    part 2:
    in contrast, one of the young ones had always been very aggressive toward me, much like a rooster. I had finally had enough and put her in her place. I got a little more rough with her than I had intended, but she doesn't attack me any more. The thing is, I displaced her from running with the young hens. even when I am not around she still stays with the old bunch. And now she roost with them.
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    I enjoy watching them rearrange their pecking order. You can bet there will be shuffling when chickens are added or removed. I have a loner who hangs back when the treats come out; I fully expect her to take charge of at least some of the others one day.

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