Pecking order?

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    Sep 10, 2012
    I have a 3-4 month old Leghorn hen, and a silkie hen and rooster.The rooster seems to be ok with the leghorn. He was trying to round her up for the night as the silkie hen was already in.I noticed the leghorn was half in the coop.. when I looked in the silkie was pecking at her as she tried to get in.I picked up my silkie so that both the leghorn and the rooster were able to get in the coop.I set the silkie back down and the leghorn kind of came after her. I realize there is a pecking order ,but my question is, can the leghorn who is much larger then the silkie seriously hurt her? The leghorn was a rescue and also has a bad hip, but can get around just fine even though she can't roost and sits down most of the time.We had a duck that wanted to mess with her and she showed the duck that she wasn't going to take it.! She doesn't bother the silkie hen unless provoked and even then she backs down. She keeps to her self while the other two are together.Will they in time all get along ? As large as she is I can not believe she lets a little silkie kick her around.She also drop her tail feathers down when she is near the other two ... like they scare her?
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    She simply accepts her place as lower hen. Yes the larger bird can hurt your silkie, the silkie is also capable of harming your larger bird. As long as you do not see blood, do not worry and do not interfere. If it comes to drawing blood you may need to temporarily seperate them.
    But most likely everyone will begin to get along and no one will get seriously injured

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