"pecking order"


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Jun 19, 2009
I have 6 buffs, 16 weeks old, had the usual occasional pecking order issues but now they seem to be puffing up and pecking each other very often, one will go up to another and peck at them for no reason. They are in the outside run during daylight hours, seem to like to be out rain or shine, any ideas why they have started this? THANKS!

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Apr 20, 2008
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As long as they are not physically hurting each other it should be just fine. When you say often is it like constant or just every once in a while? Mine do that when they are caged in their run but do not do that when out free ranging so possibly they are bored. How big is your run? I found that throwing in a 1/2 a pumpkin or an ear of corn now and then will really give them something to do. Also hanging a head of cabbage from the ceiling of the coop is a good one too. Just something to help keep them busy and not so bored.

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"Pecking Order" is just that! As your chickens get closer to maturity, they will begin to establish a hierarchy -- or pecking order!! They usually will not actually HURT the lower caste chickens. You just need to make sure that the "lower ones" still get access to food and water. My "lowest caste" chicken is very fat -- she knows how to get around all the "bossy" chickens and get enough to eat!!

Good Luck!!


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