pecking order


6 Years
Sep 3, 2013
Hey guys new to BYC. I have 1 light Sussex (daisy) 1 bluebell ( Bella) 1 Nero (Nero) 1 speckeldy (Dot) Bella, Dot & Nero were brought home last February but Daisy was added in July. They're all 11 months old. Bella is top of the pecking order but when I went down yesterday Bella had jumped on top of Daisy pinning her to the ground and flapping her wings but not pecking. Daisy was just sitting tight closing her eyes. I shouted so Bella would get off. Is this normal? Thanks in advance
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! What you described sounds like a display of dominance. It's normal, but keep an eye on them in case it gets out of hand.
are you sure Bella is a pullet? Before you add new birds to an existing flock, it's best to put some wire fencing to divide the run and have the new bird(s) on one side and the flock on the other. After several days of this, they get somewhat used to each other. You can then add the newbies to the flock but, keep an eye on them to see if Bella starts up again. It's good to have the birds in a large run or free ranging so the new one can run away or hide if she is bothered too much. Also have an extra water and feed put out - if case they won't share.

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